What Type of Survey Do I Need ?

I will always provide the appropriate level of survey for my client's needs. The principle forms of inspection are:

Mortgage Valuation
This has one purpose only - to satisfy a lending institution that the house you want to buy is a sufficiently valuable asset which can be sold to repay the loan should you be unable to keep up repayments in future. Although you, as a purchaser are owed a 'duty of care' and will pay all costs of the 'valuation', the report is designed specifically for the needs of a Lender. It is presented as a brief document which provides very little useful information as a prospective owner with regard to the condition and structural stability of the building

The Homebuyer Survey
The style of reporting is determined by the RICS, and is designed to be a concise appraisal of a property's condition identifying items of present and potential "significant" defect. A significant defect is one which will materially affect the sale price of the property.

The Building Survey
A building survey is presented in freestyle prose, and each chartered surveyor will follow his own preferred presentation method. The survey is more detailed than the Homebuyer Survey, and this has cost implications. Specific client concerns can be answered in full.

Defect Diagnosis
I am usually able to diagnose the cause of specific building defects including dampness, decay, woodworm, structural instability and many more issues.