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Chartered Surveyor Services - Worthing Sussex

If you feel that you need the services of a Chartered Surveyor to undertake a survey on a property that you are looking to buy, or to produce a report for your current property please do not hesitate to contact us. I have over 30 years experience and am happy to field questions about your demands before you make a decision to move forward with your survey.

A house is a very complex structure that most of us take entirely for granted. We have been conditioned in Britain for many years that property is a durable commodity we all understand.

Over recent decades property values have risen substantially, and now even modest housing represents a considerable investment of capital to most families. It is for this reason that it is wise to ascertain the condition of any property purchased, and examine the potential for further deterioration and need for repair.

It is my job to be my client’s eyes and ears, and to report to them in ‘laymen’s’ terms the general condition of a property, and any significant problems which may exist therein. It is not my job to deter clients from purchasing, nor do I normally offer personal opinions on matters such as décor etc..

During the survey my first concern is to determine whether there is any structural movement affecting the main walls and stability of the main building frame. The first manifestations of movement are very often fractures in external renders / brickwork, so if movement is suspected I will follow all available clues to determine the likely cause of failure.

The roof coverings are of paramount importance, and wherever possible I will determine the condition of either flat, or pitched roofs pointing out their various deficiencies if any. Chimneys are a frequent source of issues, particularly where they are no longer vertical and are very high. Rainwater goods (gutters and down pipes) are taken for granted, but all too often they leak and are in poor condition.

External joinery includes fascia boards, soffits, external roof timbers, doors and windows. These days many of the original windows in a property may have been replaced. It is unfortunate that some of the replacement window systems are not particularly well made, and of the older systems may by now require replacement since they are outdated.

All these issues and many more are covered in the preparation of a Home Buyer Report, or in even more detail in a Building Survey.

What Can A Chartered Surveyor Do For You ?

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  •   Homebuyer Report
  •   Mortgage Valuation
  •   Detect Building Defects
  •   Pre-Purchase Inspection
  •   Boundary Disputes
  •   Full Structural Survey